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An Innovative Approach to Raising Puppies

The Elite Doodle is a vision that was born from 2 breeders who wanted to change the face of raising puppies, and revolutionize the experience for their clients.  With a combined 10 years of experience in raising Goldendoodles, the founders of The Elite Doodle have combined their knowledge and expertise to create a breeding program that is unlike any other.  

We have spent several years forming the vision for this program, and are so proud of the babies that we offer.  

Every puppy from The Elite Doodle comes trained.  We also provide concierge service throughout the process, and hand deliver puppies anywhere in the country to our families.

And it doesn't stop with delivery...we provide a partnership with our families that offers ongoing training and support to ensure that they have the optimal experience with their new furry family member.

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