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Trained Puppies

We know that getting a puppy can be intimidating, and sometimes the thought of having to train a puppy can even prevent families from deciding to bring home a forever friend.  We want to help make it possible for anyone to bring home the puppy of their dreams.

Each puppy from The Elite Doodle comes:

1. Potty trained

2. Crate trained

3. Sleeping through the night in a crate

4. Sitting and lying down on command

5. Walking on a leash

6. Introduced to basic manners

Premium Puppy Package

Each puppy comes with:

1. Crate

2. Bed

3. Leash and Collar

4. Framed baby picture

5. Dog Bowls

6. Premium Food

Stress Free Consultation

We understand that adding a puppy to your family is not only a big decision, but also a big investment.  At The Elite Doodle, we offer phone or video chat consultations with our clients to see if we are the right fit for you.  We want the chance to answer all of your questions, and to get to know you while you also get to know who we are and what we value.  

Concierge Service

Each family that partners with The Elite Doodle to bring home their new furry family member will receive Concierge Service throughout the process.  You will have access to our team for questions, as well as frequent updates on your puppy's progress during his/her training.

Health Testing and Guarantee

Each of our parents has undergone genetic health testing for over 200 genetic health conditions that are known in Golden Retrievers and Poodles.  We do our research on the front end in order to prevent avoidable genetic conditions.  In the rare event that one of our puppies develops a genetic condition that our testing wasn't able to test for, we provide a 2 year genetic health guarantee for each puppy.  

"Go Home" Training Session

Each family will receive a "Go Home" Training Session with our exclusive Training Company, The Proper Pup.  This hour long session will include your puppy's routine, their training cues, how to continue the training and routine at your home, how to transition to your new home including introducing human and canine siblings, and much more.  "Go Home" session can be conducted in person or virtually, depending on the family's location and preference.

Hand Delivery by a Member of our Team 

We always prefer to have our families come see us in person and see where their baby came from, but we know that with as wide as our following is that it is not possible for many of our families to make the trip.  That's why we come to you!  Each puppy that is going to a home more than 3 hours from Jackson, TN will be hand delivered by a member of our team.

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